i BeyondJ JVM Container

Why another container?

JVM and Virtualisation

BeyondJ brings virtualisation and multi-tenancy right into the JVM.
Gartner estimates that between 2 to 3 trillion dollars of investment has been put into Java applications, Java servers and Java infrastructure. Because Java does not virtualise well, only 15 % of enterprise servers today are running virtualised work loads because of Java's in-ability to virtualize. Virtualisation as we all know is a key trend in the last 15 years and has been the enabling technology for Cloud computing; it makes Cloud computing possible. Virtualisation came after Java was invented and after Java was designed.

The technology

So whats different about BeyondJ?

BeyondJ brings 4 breakthroughs to Java
Hypervisor virtualisation directly inside Java applications.
Ultra lightweight multi-tenancy with no code changes whatsoever.
The capability to do Java application consolidation that other big name tech companies cannot do.
The capability to offer Java as a Service and let vendors charge it like a utility.


BeyondJ enables organisations to do five things

Increase application density - the number of Java apps per server by up to 10 times.
Or reduce the number of servers required by up to 90 %.
Provide Java as a service, both inside and outside the organisation.
Continue to use exiting Java programming talent and existing Java tools with no new re-training and no new language skills required.
Upgrade legacy Java applications to multi-tenant cloudiness with no code changes